Busy and so buzzy are those fluffy balls of dust,

Nectar collecting from your garden is a must.

No one has ever told them that their jobs are so of note,

These vital little workers should have the right to vote!

Pollinators of perennials and all things in between,

A stripy mini hero whose cape cannot be seen! 

Our marble coasters are the perfect size for a variety of uses, being both heat proof and cut proof.  Use them to place your favourite drinks on, as a charismatic candle stand or simply as stunning display pieces in your home.

10cm x 10cm

100% marble

Handmade in Great Britain

Please Note- Our products are made using natural pieces of stone and will have there own unique charm which includes; different colourings, divots, veins, rustic edges and movement in the marble.

Bees Coasters x2