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Shimmery, swishy, spotty and silky - there are so many sorts of Garden Tails! This cuddly cloth book is wonderfully wacky, with a velcro loop for buggy browsing. Discover a world of feely fun and learn which animal wags which tail!

  • Dimensions: 

    22cm x 13cm x 5cm

  • Sitting Height: 


  • Main Materials: 

    Polyester, Cotton

  • Inner Filling: 

    Polyester Fibres

  • Book Language: 


  • Written by: 

    Anne Wilkinson

  • Illustrated by: 

    Anne Wilkinson

  • Age Recommendation: 

    Recommended for Newborns and upwards

  • Number of pages: 


  • SKU:


Garden Tails Book