About This Fragrance


Pure Comfort

Curl up with the comforting scents of line-dried linens with hints of sheer fruits and satin musk.

Soft Chambray

Relaxing and clean, this fragrance envelopes the senses with soft fabric and a subtle kiss of jasmine and rose.

Warm Wool

Dreamy scents of warm wool and wild flowers invite you to take a deep breath and relax.


About Medium Hourglass Candles With Pluswick®

Medium Hourglass Woodwick® Candles complements your home with a soft crackle and inviting scents. The patented PLUSWICK® technology in our Medium Hourglass Candles features a natural wooden wick that is designed to Crackle as it Burns™. Featuring our recognisable hourglass shape, and available in a wide range of fragrances, these candles help take your home décor to a new level. Each Medium Hourglass Candle is 9.9cm x 9.9cm x 11.4cm.


Weight: 658g
Dimensions: 9.9cm x 9.9cm x 11.4cm


Contains: Hexyl salicylate, D-Limonene, Butylphenyl methylpropional, Tetramethyl acetyloctahydronaphthalenes, 4-Tert-butylcyclohexyl acetate, Cyclamen aldehyde, Benzyl salicylate, 4-Tert-butyldihydrocinnamaldehyde, Citronellol. May produce an allergic reaction.

Woven Comforts Trilogy Candle